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Back From Hiatus...Here is What is Going On.

Here we are, already the end of July. Where did the time go?? I will fill you in on what happened the last 3-4 months for the Gordon family.

In January/February, Gordon Heat moved from Springfield to temporarily Campton Hills. I found a new position in my career in the Chicago area and I had to take it. From there we settled in and awaited our new arrival....Baby Gordon.

Baby Gordon was born in March, a spicy baby girl we named Pepper. Fitting, huh? So with a new arrival and many adjustments to be made we tried to settle in. New jobs, new temporary home, new baby, new schedule, new land to plant in, new markets to work....and we got right to it.

I have to admit, it is taking a while for us to find the work/life balance. While we have taken a small break from this new blog, we have been working on other areas of our business and personal lives. We have a new logo, new business cards and a new banner for our markets. Adam is working on getting a vehicle and after that we are working on finding our own place to call home for now.

Work is work, nothing too new there. The adventure lies in the hot peppers we are growing, the new little Pepper we have brought into our world and what we are going to do with all these peppers!

Short and sweet today. Hopefully much more to come.

Stay spicy pepper lovers!

-The Gordons

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