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Our Hot and Spicy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving for us normally includes more than two people, but this year it was just us. We planned on leftovers so we wanted to make a good size whole turkey, green bean casserole, stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce with a pumpkin pie for dessert. Wow! All this homemade in an afternoon in our tiny kitchen!

So to start I went for the pumpkin pie. Homemade pie crust and filling...

Next was a special ingredient for the pie filling. Gordon Heat™ Smoke N Fire.

After about a half hour working on that the turkey was next. We brined it overnight with a mixture of water, apple cider, cloves, peppercorns, ginger, salt and sugar. We prepped the turkey in a large pan, saved some of the brine to baste and topped with herbs and more hot peppers.

We added a chocolate scotch bonnet and a cayenne pepper to the turkey....yum!

We had some time with the turkey cooking, so we called and chatted with family for a couple hours. Nice to hear how everyone is doing when we are hours apart.

Finally we got the green bean casserole cooking, with added peppers, as well as some homemade gravy and cranberry sauce.

After hours of "slaving" in the kitchen we dished it up and had a well deserved Thanksgiving meal. Many thanks for this past year...

Another family meal with our hot peppers and how delicious it was. We aspire to give you ideas and spark your creative juices this holiday season when cooking and serving dishes for your loved ones. Stay spicy and happy holidays!

Oh! And what do you do with leftover pumpkin pie filling?? Make pumpkin bars of course!

Pumpkin pie bars with a light spiced glaze.

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